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 8th grade Honors English
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8th grade 

8th Grade Honors Book List

   Science Fair Webpage
 Science Fair Custom Google  Search
 Chemical Elements:
 Chemical Elements
 Lenntech Periodic Table
 Los Alamos Periodic Table
 Web Elements Periodic Table
 Getting Into the Fossil Record
Fossils: History of Earth and Dating Fossils
In The Field: Adventures in Dry Creek
Separation Science at the FBI
 Earth Science:
 Plates on the Move
Waves Custom Web Search
 Insect Project:
 BioKids: Links for Kids
 eNature Field Guides
 Interactive Simulations
 Energy In Living Things:
 Fitting Algae Into the Food Web
 Marine Organism Research
 Ocean Surfaces
 Plant Nutrients
 Light Zones
 Ocean Vents
 Ocean Food Web Game
 Life Science:
 Center for Disease Control
 Genetics: Tour of the Basics
 Kids Health
 Mayo Clinic
 National Library of Medicine - Medline
 NOVA: Illuminating
 World Health Organization
 Sexually Transmitted Diseases   
 Social Studies    
 The Civil War:
 Civil War Images
 Civil War Webquest
 The History Place - Civil War Timeline
 Generals of the Civil War
 Ancient World Resources
 Islamic Art and Architecture
 Middle East Timeline
 Population Reference Bureau
 The World Fact Book
 World Climate
 Ancient Civilization:
 Webquest Adventure
 Ancient Civilization Pathfinder
 Tenement Museum
 Water Project 2015  
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