Policies and Procedures

The Jefferson County School District, R-1 does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, or age in its programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding all nondiscrimination policies, including sexual harassment policies:

Title: Executive Director of Employee Relations

Address: 1829 Denver West Drive
Building #27
P.O. BOX 4001
Golden, CO 80401-0001
Phone Number: 303-982-6544

Summit Ridge Middle School Policies and Procedures - These are updated for COVID and supersede previous school policies and procedures until further notice. 8/20/2020

Academic Honesty Policy

Agenda Books

Students will be issued agenda books to help with the organization of materials and time. The book will help the student keep track of all six classes and the homework needed for each day. Students will want to share their books with their parents as they discuss the daily school activities. 



School Hours 7:30 a.m. - 2:28 p.m. 
When a student will not be attending school, the parent is asked to telephone the Attendance line at 982-9029 before 9:00 a.m. The student's name will then be entered in the computerized attendance system.

If the absence is for vacation, sporting event, etc., other than an illness, then a pre-arranged absence form needs to be filled out 3 days prior to the absence.

Behavioral Expectations
Our expectation is that students will always behave in an appropriate manner, and that they will show respect for each other, the staff and the faculty. Students who display poor citizenship and /or offensive behaviors will be subjected to disciplinary actions such as detention, exclusion, in-school and out-of-school suspensions and/or expulsion. Parents will be involved in disciplinary proceedings. Our goal is to correct student's behavior so that each student can be a positive member of our school community. 

The following guidelines outline the areas of infraction enforced at Summit Ridge Middle School: 
Behavior which is detrimental to the welfare and safety of pupils or school personnel

  • Willful disobedience and open defiance
  • Willful destruction or defacing of property
  • Interference with the school's ability to provide educational opportunities to themselves or others

These rules are communicated to all students with the understanding that we must all work together to ensure their implementation. It is our hope that parents and students will promptly report any inappropriate behaviors that jeopardize each student's right to enjoy a positive and safe learning environment. 

Serious violations including violence, drug or alcohol possession, or other violations of the law, will, without exception, involve law enforcement authorities and result in significant disciplinary consequences. 

Jefferson County Schools Conduct Code policies must be reviewed by parents and students online. Click here for the Conduct Code. School Administration will also review key policy information from the Jefferson County Schools Conduct Code with students, at the beginning of each school year. 

All bikes are to be parked at all times in the locked bicycle enclosure to the east of the building. Bikes MUST be locked and chained. The school will take precautions to secure the bicycles by locking the bicycle enclosure during school hours but cannot assume responsibility for any damage or loss which may occur. Skateboards, scooters, and in-line skates must be stored on the rack (located inside the main entry doors) or chained in the bike rack. Always WALK your wheels on school grounds.

Bus Riders 
Bus transportation is a PRIVILEGE. It will be denied to students who cannot accept the responsibility for proper behavior. The DRIVER is in full charge of the bus and passengers. Students who create problems at the bus stop or fail to obey the instructions of the bus driver will suffer natural consequences for their behavior and may be denied the privilege of riding the bus. There will be a contract issued to each of the riders which will need to be signed by both student and parent and returned to the bus driver. 

Bus Contract

We recognize the transportation hardships imposed by suspending bus privileges but NO student will be allowed to jeopardize the safety of others.

Class Interruptions
The research on effective schools indicates that classroom interruptions detract from teaching and learning. Teachers need parent cooperation in helping to minimize distractions. Please remind your student of appointments, house keys, after school plans and other related items which can be taken care of before school each morning. PLEASE DO NOT call/text your student on their cell phones during the school day. Student cell phones are to be turned off and kept out of sight during the school day. Please contact the main office for URGENT student messages. 

Closed Campus 
Summit Ridge Middle School is a closed campus. Once a student arrives at school, s/he may not leave without being checked out at the attendance desk by a parent or guardian. 

Closing of Schools/Inclement Weather 
News of severe weather, school closures or cancellation of buses will be announced over local Denver radio and television stations and the SCHOOL MESSENGER system. (Please make sure your contact information is updated in JEFFCO CONNECT to receive important communication.) Please DO NOT call school to get this information as the school receives its information via radio, television and School Messenger. 

Clubs and Activities
Summit Ridge Middle School believes that students enhance their education when they become involved in activities at school. Organized activities are a vital part of the child's education and preparation for participation in our society. Through these activities we hope to promote self-esteem and a positive school climate. These activities usually take place after school on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 2:40 - 3:30 p.m. Please visit our Clubs and Activities page for more information. 

Dress Code
Good grooming is the basis for any dress code. Cleanliness and neatness of appearance are the ways to good grooming. Students should report to school ready for work and should not wear anything that is in poor taste or could be considered distracting to learning. The dress code at Summit Ridge are as follows:

  • No exposed shoulders, stomach, back or cleavage
  • No halter tops, sleeveless or see-through shirts without proper "under" coverage
  • No visible undergarments
  • No "low rider" or sagging pants
  • No pajamas
  • Skirt and short lengths must be at fingertip length or longer (Bermuda short length is encouraged)
  • No clothing with tobacco, drug, alcohol, sexual, satanic, bullying, or obscene messages
  • No informal head coverings - i.e., baseball caps, bandanas, beanies, are to be worn inside the school building
  • Accessories such as spikes or chains should not be worn or brought to school
  • Coats, backpacks, music players, cameras must be stored in lockers during the school day (for security) and cell phones (in the off position) may be kept in a pocket
  • No trench coats or dusters
  • Shoes must be worn at all times
  • No bedroom slippers
These guidelines can also be found on page 5 of your student's agenda notebook.

Emergency Information
All contact information must be kept updated by parents in JEFFCO CONNECT. Any changes in home or work telephone numbers, addresses or other contact information should be updated immediately to ensure accurate communication between school and home.

Honor Roll/Student Recognition
Three Honor Rolls exist at Summit Ridge. The GOLD HONOR ROLL is for students with a 4.00 GPA and the SILVER HONOR ROLL is for students with 3.50-3.99 GPA. Recognition receptions for students and parents will be held after the 1st and 2nd trimesters to honor students on the GOLD and SILVER Honor Rolls. Third trimester recognition will be distributed on the last day of school. 

Our End of the Year Awards Ceremony is special awards presented for activities, individual achievement, team academics and citizenship.

Items Not Allowed at School - Personal Items
Equipment and toys that are not directly related to classroom activities are not appropriate for school. Such items, including radios, tape players, pagers, laser pointers, lighters and cameras should be left at home. Skateboards and roller blades are permitted for the trip to and from school but must be left in the student's locker during the day. The school is not responsible for such items, since locker security cannot be guaranteed. Valuable items needed for a special class activity should be checked in the main office.

Soda, Sunflower Seeds, Candy and Gum
Chewing gum and sunflower seeds are not allowed at Summit Ridge. Students are discouraged from bringing candy to school except as part of an otherwise nutritious lunch. Students who bring large quantities of candy and gum to school can expect to have it confiscated. Soda is allowed only as part of lunch and only in the dining area. We ask that students bring soda in plastic containers or cans, not glass bottles. We discourage the consumption of energy drinks at school. 



Locker assignments will be made for one academic year and are provided by the school for the storage of outer clothing and books while students are in school. VALUABLES, such as money, jewelry, etc. should NEVER be stored in the lockers but you may have the main office hold an item for you until the end of the day. Students are responsible for the condition of their lockers on the inside and outside. Any decorations should be easily removable to avoid fines and excessive cleanup at the end of the school year and should be appropriate for school. Students may not change lockers. Each student will be responsible for the locker assigned to him/her. Students are not allowed to put personal locks on their lockers. Lockers are the property of Jeffco Public Schools and are issued to students for their convenience only. Lockers may be opened and searched by authorized school personal at any time. Periodically, lockers will be checked for cleanliness and school books. Locker combinations will not be changed nor a different locker assigned during the school year unless prior approval is received from the Assistant Principal. 

Students may bring their own lunches from home, purchase a full lunch for $3.25 or buy "a la carte" items. Money can be placed in a student's lunch account and can be assessed by typing in their ID number. Parents do have the option of opening an account on line at www.MyPaymentsPlus.com or by phone # 1-866-609-0949.

Summit operates a closed campus for lunch; no student will be allowed to leave the building for lunch and no student will be permitted to have food delivered from an outside restaurant. Breakfasts are no longer served at Summit Ridge.

Jefferson County Food Service does not allow for lunch loans for middle school and high school students. It is the responsibility of the student to have money or make sure there is money on their accounts.

Click here to view additional lunch information.

The Principal's Weekly Update will be sent out via email through the SCHOOL MESSENGER system. Teachers will communicate via teacher websites, email and voicemail. Important updates and safety concerns will be communicated through SCHOOL MESSENGER via email, text and phone. 

Parent Portal
Summit Ridge Middle School staff utilizes a computer "live" gradebook and attendance system that can be accessed by parents and students. Directions and password information may be obtained during registration or by coming into the mail office during the school year. The Parent Portal login link is on our "Quick Links" page. 

Parent/Teacher Conferences
Regular Parent/Teacher Conferences will be held during the 1st and 2nd trimesters. Please visit our School Calendar for these dates. Throughout the year parents can request a conference at any time. Before the fall and spring conferences, information will be available on our home page and the Parent Portal regarding sign-ups and procedures. 

Parent Teacher Organization
The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) meets on the second Monday of each month that school is in session from 6:00-7:15 pm in the Conference Room in the Main Office. Please visit our School Calendar for these dates. All parents are members of PTO and are invited to be involved in our school in some way. We actively encourage parent participation at a level compatible with the parent's ability to be involved. The PTO sponsored fund raiser during the school year will need parent volunteers to assist. 

School Accountability Committee (SAC)
The Committee serves as the school's Accountability Committee. The meetings are held on the first Tuesday of selected months that school is in session from 7:00-8:00 pm. Please visit our School Calendar for these dates and click here to view meeting notes. Meetings will be open to all. Decisions will be made by members of the Committee. The Jefferson County School District R-1 does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or age in its programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the nondiscrimination policies: 
Assistant Superintendent Personnel Services; 1829 Denver West Drive, Building 27; Golden, CO 80401. Phone No.: (303) 982-6544. 

School Pictures/Student IDs
Students will have their yearbook pictures and student ID pictures taken the second day of school in August. A second day for pictures will be scheduled for those students who arrive late and/or missed the first day. Student ID cards will be important because they will be used as the student's lunch card, library card, their bus card, and for admission to school activities. A fee of $3.00 will be required to replace a lost card. Please visit our School Calendar for these and other dates. 

Socials will be scheduled at the end of the school day. Socials will include a variety of activities as well as music for students to dance. Only Summit Ridge students may attend and the same school rules apply as those that are in effect during normal school hours. Socials will usually cost $3.00 if purchased in advance and $4.00 at the door. Please visit our School Calendar for these and other dates. 


Students at Summit Ridge will be issued textbooks that they will take home in some classes. These books will remain at the student's home for the length of the class and will be used as home resources. At school, teachers will have classroom sets of books for students to use. It is our expectation that this will increase the life of the books, and will provide more efficient learning for students. Books will be returned to school at the end of the class. Fines will be collected for lost and/or damaged books. We are currently piloting online textbooks in math. 

Parents are always welcome to visit the school and observe their child's classes. With approval, this experience will be most beneficial if teachers are consulted prior to the visit so that materials and/or conferences can be planned. For the safety of our students and staff, all visitors need to check in at the Main Office. This includes before and after school. We need everyone to wear a visitor badge. Anyone caught in our building without proper identification will be ticketed for trespassing. Prospective students of Summit Ridge are permitted to visit during the day with the prior approval of an administrator. It is our desire to insure that all visitors to Summit Ridge are treated with respect and friendliness. If you visit and do not feel welcome, please contact the principal. 

Voice Mail
Summit Ridge features a voice mail system that will allow you to remain up-to-date with your child's classes and teachers. Visit our Staff Directory page for voice mail information.

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