Language Policy

Primary Language Acquisition

The primary language of instruction at Summit Ridge Middle School is English. All students will develop a level of fluency in English. Our literacy program is based on the Jeffco District Bridge to Curriculum standards. We expect an overwhelming majority of our students to meet or exceed grade level expectations in English by providing an engaging and rigorous program.

Secondary Language Acquisition

Students will learn a language in addition to English. Our traditional students (those without an IEP or who are English Language Learners) will take mandatory classes of French, German, or Spanish while attending year two and year three of the MYP program (7th grade 1A and 8th grade 1B of the same language). Year one MYP students (6th graders) will take a mandatory trimester Introductions to World Languages and Cultures class to give them an idea of which language they would like to learn. Students who enroll in Summit Ridge Middle School mid-year will enroll in Introduction to World Languages and Cultures, unless they have enough competency in a language we offer. If that is the case, the student will go to the level best suited for them in that language.

Students with an IEP, or students who are English Language Learners, will have the option to choose whether to take a second language. We will make additional language acquisition optional for ELL students or students with IEPs to ensure their needs are met in the English-based curriculum.

Secondary Language Continuum

We will place students at the appropriate level based on data, with a quick verbal test for incoming students, or a more comprehensive test for students moving between 7th and 8th grades. Students ideally will continue to learn their chosen language in high school. Our World Languages teachers will coordinate with Dakota Ridge High School to ensure students continue to the correct level.

Native Language Support

Summit Ridge Middle School supports families whose native language is not English. English speakers are inherently supported with the structure of the curriculum. This leaves students whose mother tongue is not English vulnerable to losing ability or stagnating in that ability. We believe in the development of both the mother tongue and English languages, so we encourage special attention be given to the development of the mother tongue. We provide opportunities to families for them to share the language and culture with us by inviting them to participate. These opportunities include, but are not limited to, presentations in our World Languages and Cultures classes, club events, and class projects that reflect on home culture.

English Language Support

Students who need support will be assisted through carefully prepared and organized structures via in class instruction and support classes. We will make every reasonable effort to help students learn the necessary skills, concepts, and content to master the content. Programs will emphasize student success by remediating identified obstacles. Students shall be identified and referred to these programs in accordance with state regulations and guidelines established by the district.
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